Goodbye Server Side, Dropping ‘semi’ and Wearing Shorts During Summer

Anyone who’s met me the past couple years knows I almost always call myself a “semi-independent” developer. I AM an independent but I’m working a W2 contract so even though I carry my own insurance, budget my own time off, etc I’ve never had to deal with the business/tax portion of being an independent. That changes two weeks from now.

Two weeks from now I’ll be starting my next contract with a company doing front end work (Javascript/CSS/HTML) only. Yeah, no server side. That will be a big change for me but a mostly welcome one. I’ve always loved the web and tend to gravitate towards that end of projects I work on but have never been able to solely concentrate on it. Since I won’t be doing server side code (for at least 6 months) that means I must also say goodbye to .NET. I REALLY won’t miss having to boot up my Windows VM everyday and can’t wait to work in Sublime daily!

The project is also fully remote so this summer will be the first of my 10 year career where I will be wearing shorts to work. I just started to rant about corporate culture and sucking the life out of people and forcing them to wear pants when it is 100 degrees out but I deleted it. I’ll just leave this part in though: Dear technology companies who can’t find good developers: Developers love fringe benefits like wearing normal clothes to work.

It also means saying goodbye to the friends I’ve made at my current client which is always the part I hate about consulting. When I started here I never thought I would be here for 2 years but I’ve learned a lot and really enjoyed my time here. I will miss you guys and wish you luck on future projects.

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